Saturday, June 25, 2022
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To the Big Screen and Beyond – The Week in Movies

Pixar goes origin story with middling success, but grown-ups have tons of choices this weekend, big screen and small. Festival darlings, stop-motion madness, Emma Thompson (never a bad choice) – plus one really bad choice, actually. Here is the skinny.


In theaters

by George Wolf

Exploring new life in the Toy Story universe comes with benefits – and drawbacks.

Sure, you inherit the goodwill earned by four of Pixar’s best feature films. But then, those films cast a mighty long shadow.

Lightyear taps into the warm fuzzies early, by letting us know why Andy wanted a Buzz action figure so badly that Christmas back in ’95. It’s because he loved the movie so much. This movie.

But honestly, for the first sixty minutes, you can’t imagine why.

Space Ranger Lightyear (voiced by Chris Evans) blames himself for marooning his settlement on a distant planet. A return to hyperspeed could bring everyone home, so Buzz is determined…

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