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Six Lessons from a Decade of Asia Strategy Simulations

The simulation is composed primarily of two types of turns: crisis rounds (Phases 2, 4, and 6) and rebalancing rounds (Phases 3 and 5). Crisis rounds test how well players adhere to their long-term strategies once confronted with difficult short-term trade-offs. Crises are designed to provide each team with a hard choice. For example, countries might have to decide whether to violate an air or maritime quarantine zone decreed by another team or support an operation by an ally or partner. Crises simulated have included:

  • Incidents between Vietnamese and Chinese vessels in the Paracel Islands.
  • Incidents between Filipino and Chinese vessels in the Spratly Islands.
  • Incidents between Indonesian and Chinese vessels near the Natuna Islands.
  • Incidents between Japanese and Chinese aircraft in the East China Sea.
  • Clashes between Indian and Chinese forces along the Line of Actual Control.
  • Conflict between India and Pakistan along their border…

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