Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Huw’s 50-day alpine odyssey a ‘journey about passion’

Adventurer Huw Kingston is set to ski the length of Australia’s alpine region at the end of July. Photo: Huw Kingston.

A man familiar with unimaginably wild expeditions in even wilder parts of the world is set to ski the length of Australia’s alpine region this winter.

Over about 50 days in mid-winer, 59-year-old Huw Kingston will cover uncountable kilometres in unknown conditions from Mt Baw Baw in Victoria hopefully winding up in the heart of the ACT.

But not to worry – not only has he made the journey before, he says he doesn’t feel any older than he did at 34 when he left Flinders Station in Melbourne with his eyes set on reaching the Sydney Opera House overland by foot, ski, kayak and bike.

He didn’t see a soul for two weeks from Mt Baw Baw to Mt Hotham. But something happened on the outskirts of Sydney.

“Fifty-two days after leaving Melbourne through the winter of 1997, this lark was too good to stop,” he explained.

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