Saturday, June 25, 2022
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A New Era for Beijing’s Quirky Music Scene – The Diplomat

The supernova-like lights dimmed on the huge stage at the new iteration of the Dusk Dawn Club (DDC) in favor of a subtler spectacle. During the 700-capacity venue’s long anticipated late-April re-launch, psych-rockers Sincerely Yours stepped aside for clarinetist Hadi, his solo a stark – but equally awing – contrast for the packed house. Then Sincerely Yours joined the clarinetist in a genre-confounding jam, recapturing the preceding DDC’s intimate artistry, even as the new stage’s lights gleamed loftily.

The zero-COVID lockdown soon halted that ambitious re-opening. A brief lifting of restrictions ended after a few short days, and the future of Beijing’s nightlife remains uncertain, with bars and music venues shuttered once again – for how long is anyone’s guess. All that and more make DDC emblematic of Beijing’s unique live music restrictions and…

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