Saturday, June 25, 2022
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Crypto market battered as inflation worries spark sell-off

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  1. Crypto values: Inflation impact
  2. Celsius freeze: Chilling effect
  3. Inner Mongolia: Navigating a minefield

From the Editor’s Desk

Dear Reader,

Since Covid-19 turned the world as we knew it on its head, much soul-searching has been done as to how well markets and other fixtures of economic life are serving their assumed and typically unquestioned purpose.

Specifically, a long-simmering debate over the validity of the “growth at all costs” business model adopted by many in the digital asset industry is back on the boil.

In the perfect storm of the pandemic, war in Europe and galloping inflation, growth — or rather, its opposite — in the cryptocurrency space has provided evidence of the vulnerability of even the boldest, most bullish of businesses. The market capitalization of the whole crypto sector this week dropped below US$1 trillion, representing a loss of two-thirds of its value since last November.

Amid all this,…

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