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Bird Photographer of the Year 2022

What is the Bird Photographer of the Year competition?

More than 20,000 images were entered into the Bird Photographer of the Year 2022 competition. Competing for the £5,000 cash prize and prestigious title, photographers submitted images from 115 different countries this year.

This selection is a sneak preview of what is still to come, with the winners being announced on the 8th September 2022.

“Birds are an incredibly diverse group of animals, and we’ve seen stunning images of everything from mallard ducks to harpy eagles this year,” says Will Nicholls, wildlife cameraman and Director at Bird Photographer of the Year. “We celebrate birds and conservation through images, and it is always a pleasure for everyone on the judging panel to see the work of such talented photographers.”

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To view the images as a slideshow, click on the arrows in the top right hand corner of the photos below.

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Ben Cranke,…

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