Saturday, June 25, 2022
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War in Ukraine Takes Toll on East Asian Economies, Prospects for Achieving SDGs

As ever, it is the most vulnerable people around the world who suffer greatest from slow growth, rising inflation, and the energy and food system disruptions stemming from the war in Ukraine. Bridging the finance
divide, while ensuring that resources catalyze the necessary transformations, will be key for putting the SDGs back within reach.

In today’s hyper-connected world, with our interlinked economies, migrant
diasporas and 24-hour news channels, it’s no surprise that the war in
Ukraine is being felt across the globe. The war has upended the fragile
economic recovery from the pandemic — not only triggering a devastating
humanitarian crisis, but also increasing food and commodity prices and globally
exacerbating inflationary pressures.

A recent forecast by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social
(UN DESA) shows how far global prospects have declined. According
to the World Economic Situation and Prospects

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