Saturday, June 25, 2022
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Kiren Rijiju meets Khamba Lama in Mongolia

Ulan Bator, June 14 (SocialNews.XYZ) As part of the activity involving placing of the holy relic at the Gandam monastery in Ulan Bator, Union Minister of Law and Justice Kiren Rijiju held a meeting with Khamba Nomun Khan (Khamba Lama) of the GandanMonastery. This was a meeting of old friends as both have met on a few occasions in the past and Rijiju has had the opportunity of hosting Khamba Lama in New Delhi.

During the meeting on Monday, Khamba Lama mentioned about the traditional old relations between India and Mongolia wherein Buddhism has played an important role over the years.

He referred to the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi on non-violence which he said the world should learn from, especially when there exists violence, conflict and anarchy in parts of the world. He also referred to the enormous role played by Ambassador Kushak Bakula who was India’s envoy to Mongolia during the 1990s and had introduced Buddhism in its modern form…

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