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The Scottish adventurer who’s riding across Europe on horseback

(CNN) — Scottish adventurer Louis Hall has been riding across Europe for nearly three months, but the final point of his estimated 2,800 kilometer journey is almost in sight.

Hall, originally from Edinburgh, set off from Siena, Italy on March 24 with his horse Sasha and the pair have since made their way through Tuscany to the Ligurian mountains and onto Basque Country, France.

They’re due to complete their incredible ride in Cape Finisterre, Spain during the first week of July.

Hall’s latest horseback adventure comes two years after he rode the length of the UK and just months after he rode from Cornwall to Devon, in southwestern England, to raise money for Afghan refugees through his fundraising organization The Big Hoof, which supports charitable causes through ridden challenges.

The adventurer, who also works as an actor, first began riding when he was a child, but it was a trip to Mongolia in 2014 to help a friend struggling with mental…

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