Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Japan exploring counter-strike option sends ripples in China | World News

Amidst public sparring between US and China over Taiwan at the Shangri La dialogue, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida stole the strategic limelight with his comment about Japan reinforcing its military capabilities in the next five years including counter-strike option.

Since the word counterstrike is part of nuclear parlance, it has sent ripples all over China as long pacifist Japan wakes up to the threat from Communist China in East Asia. Kishida’s defence minister Nobuo Kishi also lambasted Japan’s nuclear neighbours for possessing and developing nuclear weapons and flouting rules. The statements from Japanese leadership were in recognition of the threat faced by China-Russia joint military exercises using nuclear bombers in East China Sea on May 24, the day QUAD summit was taking place in Tokyo.

The global community watched the meetings between US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin and Chinese Defence Minister Wei Fenghe with the latter…

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