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In Retiring, Winston Looks Forward to His Busy, Bright Future


The earliest leaders at UC Merced recruited some of the brightest stars of their disciplines to lay the foundations of the academic and research endeavors.

“Roland was the most distinguished of all the initial faculty that joined the campus in its earliest days, bringing an air of academic legitimacy to the fledgling UC campus,” said former Vice Chancellor for Research Professor Sam Traina. “Roland’s research in solar energy positioned the campus to be a world leader in the creation of environmentally sustainable infrastructure, imbedding this focus into the campus’s DNA. This emphasis has now spread to many areas of the university. He has had an enormous impact on UC Merced.”

Winston said he was drawn to UC Merced by the opportunity to work with the founding faculty, and like all of the campus’s founders, he played many roles including serving on committees and chairing the faculty Senate at one…

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