Saturday, June 25, 2022
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Best places to go glamping in Hertfordshire

A consequence of the pandemic has been our rediscovery of the great outdoors and staycations – even in normally overlooked Herts as a rise in luxury camping shows, writes Sebastian Oake

Imagine the scene. You are taking it easy with your loved one, friends or family in a beautiful corner of the countryside, perhaps a woodland clearing, a field with lingering views or a riverside meadow. The sun is sinking gently. There is a bottle of wine open and maybe you are sitting round a campfire, the smell of wood smoke hanging sweetly in the air. Is that marshmallows toasting? The first stars appearing? A story beginning?  

Welcome to the world of glamping. Ok, it’s hardly new but it is thriving due to the restrictions on travel over the past couple of years and positioning itself as a preferred choice of staycation for an increasing number.   

So, what can you expect? Glamping is a bit like camping but without the inconvenience of having…

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