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Life is a highway: World’s most dazzling, thrilling, romantic roads

A road or a path is defined as “the distance that is overcome to go from one place to another on land, in air or on water,” in a lexical meaning and as “the remedy, method to be used to reach a goal” in the figurative sense. Some paths are easy, some are difficult. There are paths to our loved ones, paths home, paths to cures, paths to success, some requiring physical, some spiritual steps to reach from one point to another.

Roads may be formed by natural causes or are human-made.

The first roads in history were self-made paths on routes used by animals. Over time, these roads began to be used by people.

They help people, animals and vehicular traffic progress quickly, easily and safely.

Some roads, which are almost a work of art with their architectural structure, can be very dangerous and some can be quite romantic.

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