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Liza Picard obituary | History books

Liza Picard, who has died aged 94, wrote a series of books on London’s social history. The success of the first, Restoration London (1997), stimulated a mini-boom of history books on everyday life in the capital. Her books began as a retirement hobby – she was 70 when the first was published – and Liza made her inspiration clear: “I have a practical mind. I have always been interested in how people lived. The practical details are rarely covered in social history books … The only answer appeared to be to write a book myself.”

Reviewers decided that she had succeeded. The Sunday Telegraph described her account of “how our 17th-century ancestors ate, slept, travelled, worshipped, loved, clothed themselves, tried to keep healthy” as “a marvellous source-book for historical novelists and film-makers out for authenticity, and a near-perfect bedside book for anyone else”.

Liza Picard trained as a lawyer, working for the Inland…

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