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How glamping became China’s biggest travel trend

(CNN) — “Every grassland is covered with tents during weekends,” says 26-year-old glamping enthusiast Yoga Song.

Glamping, a fusion of the words “glamor” and “camping,” is the latest travel fad among young Chinese.

Over the past year, Song says she has taken more than 10 glamping trips in China, to both rural regions and city suburbs.

She embarked on her first glamping trip in April of 2021, heading for Zhongwei, a city referred to as the “eastern Morocco.”

Located in the mostly deserted Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region of northern China, Zhongwei is home to the Yellow River, portions of the Great Wall, deserts, wetlands and ancient villages.

When she went, the city was already dotted with boutique hotels and homestays. But Song opted to try something different: a tent.

When Song arrived, she says there were five tents situated just 10 meters away from the roaring Yellow River, with views of the Gobi Desert — the world’s sixth-largest — on…

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