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Moving the Passwordless Future to Here and Now

Even amid the great digital shift, some things haven’t changed.

“Many people still love to hate passwords, and still have to wait for authentication requests that [often only] come through [via text] every now and then,” Gerhard Oosthuizen, chief technology officer at Entersekt, told PYMNTS in a recent conversation.

Relying on short-message service (SMS) and other friction-filled verification methods can cause online shoppers to abandon payments mid-transaction — or leave the merchant’s site entirely. The financial institution processing the payment loses out, the retailer loses out and the consumer leaves empty-handed, so to speak, all because of the constant fight to fend off fraud.

But authentication has indeed evolved, in ways that can streamline and improve the consumer experience — and in ways that improve loyalty to merchants.

That’s presenting a new challenge of its own: making people aware that there are new…

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