Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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CMG Racks Up Sales for Cesar Zelada’s Animated Tale ‘Kayara’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Cinema Management Group (CMG) has inked multiple new sales deals for César Zelada’s sophomore feature “Kayara,” an animated teen-empowerment fable produced by Lima-based Tunche Films in co-production with India’s Toonz Media Group via its Canary Islands-based Fortoon Island.

In the latest wave of sales, Mis. Label Aps has acquired “Kayara” for Scandinavia, Films4You for Portugal, Bir for Turkey, Bohemia for Czech and Slovak Republics, Blitz for Ex-Yugoslavia, Five Star for Israel, Muse for Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia, Falcon for Indonesia, and Mongol Films Distribution for Mongolia.

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“With the continued interest in authentic, indigenous animated stories, we are confident ‘Kayara’ will, like our previous animated hit ‘Ainbo: Spirit of the Amazon,’ be licensed to blue-chip independent distributors in every territory around the world for release in 2024,” CMG President Edward Noeltner…

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