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A Journey Beyond a Destination

A senior officer in the Indian Revenue Service, Deepankar Aron was posted in Hong Kong as a Consul in 2012. It was just a happenstance that he noticed a 35-metre high Tian Tan Buddha statue standing right next to the Hong Kong Airport that put him “On the Trail of Buddha: A Journey to the East”.

Aron writes about two octogenarian Japanese pilgrims who had stood with folded hands before an old and dilapidated structure that seemed like the sanctum sanctorum of a temple. “It was somewhat surprising that they should have travelled thousands of miles as pilgrims to a non-descript corner of China called Karakhoja. Even more surprising was the fact that one was a Buddhist priest and the other a worshipper of Lord Krishna – the Hindu Lord whose sacred message forms the essence of Bhagavad Gita,” he adds.

“It is the story of these two unlikely Japanese pilgrims that epitomises the theme of this book – exploring the richness,…

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