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The Lion and the Tiger: Beomseom Island and Gunsan Oreum

▲ Gunsan Oreum

The administrative address for this area is Yerae-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do. Yerae-dong is located to the left of the Jungmun Tourist Complex, filled with five-star hotels. The character “ye” means lion, and “rae” means to come; thus, it is “a village where a lion comes.” I wondered what the backstory was, and it became clear once I climbed up the oreum to the north of the town, standing tall like screens. It’s called Gunsan Oreum, the protective mountain of Yerae-dong.

About 335m above sea level, Gunsan is known for its unique features. There is no gumburi at the top. Gumburi is a Jeju word that refers to volcanic craters. Instead of one, there is a grassy plateau and one peak each in the east and the west. This suggests that the eruption was not very active. An oreum with a pointed peak is called a sut-oreum (a “male” oreum), and an oreum with a…

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