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Exciting News from Mongolia – New Collared Snow Leopard on Air

In early April, Dr. Gustaf Samelius, Dr. Justine Shanti Alexander and Dr. Örjan Johansson headed back to the field to continue our long-term ecological study of snow leopards and their habitat in Mongolia’s Tost Mountains. Below is an excerpt from an email we received from the mobile ger (yurt) in the Tost Mountains.

“Just before dawn, I glanced at the thermometer as I opened the ger door. -5 degrees C. I could see my breath as I hiked up the mountain in the frosty air. When I reached the spot where we listen for camera trap signals, I unfolded the antenna and flipped on the receiver.

It immediately sent out a fast pulse – indicating we caught something! Adrenaline rushing, I quickly scanned the other sites, making sure we didn’t have other cats before hurrying down to wake Gustaf. We jumped on the ATVs and raced to the site.

And then . . . there she was, the snow leopard known as F12. Read more…

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