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Lin Lang: A billionaire horse exporter’s change in fortunes

Billionaire Chinese businessman Lin Lang pioneered the export of New Zealand thoroughbred horses to China, but now his company’s been placed into receivership – what happened?


From owning a couple of hot pot restaurants to exporting hundreds of Kiwi thoroughbreds to China, billionaire Lin Lang has created plenty of intrigue in racing and politics. 

But Lang’s New Zealand company – Inner Mongolia Rider Horse Industry – is in receivership. The horse exports have stopped, putting a market potentially worth many millions of dollars on hold. 

New Zealand Thoroughbred Marketing chief executive Andrew Birch says Lin Lang put New Zealand on the map as an exporter of thoroughbreds. 

“He certainly played a role in attracting the attention of a bit of a sleeping giant in the mainland Chinese market, which has for the best part of 40 years been promising to really take off as a racing jurisdiction.”  

Lang also…

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