Saturday, June 25, 2022
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EDITORIAL | Lift Japan Tourism Ban, Learn to Live with COVID-19

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has announced that international tourists, who have been barred from Japan due to COVID-prevention border measures, will be permitted to resume entry from June 10. Ahead of the lifting of the ban, the maximum number of entrants to Japan will be increased to 20,000 per day beginning on June 1.

It is the first time in about two years that a ban on foreign tourists will be lifted. The measures come at a time when the spread of COVID-19 in Japan is being kept under control. The government hopes that promoting inbound tourism will help the economy and social activities attain a full-scale recovery.

Western countries have been promoting coexistence with the virus since the latter half of 2021. It is appropriate that Japan too should resume accepting foreign tourists, in line with its efforts to control infections.

Incoming international tourists are included in the increased number of 20,000…

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