Thursday, June 30, 2022
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U.S. State Department Issues 11 New Travel Advisories

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The US State Department has issued 11 new travel advisories this week. Whilst the number of the most severe “Level 4” travel advisories being issued has fallen significantly in recent months, the State Department remains hard at work surveying all of the travel and safety issues in countries all over the world in a bid to keep US travelers safe and informed, culminating in 11 new updates for travelers to take notice of this week. 

As well as travel advisories being issued by the State Department, each country is also handed a warning level from the CDC that relates to the level of Covid-19, with the virus still very much prevalent despite the easing of restrictions around the world. Here’s a reminder of how the travel advisory system works for travelers, which countries received updates this week and what the issues in those countries are. 

Travel Advisories – A…

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