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A window to outside world – Jammu Kashmir Latest News | Tourism

Mohd. Tasleem Muntazir
Book Name: Aalami Nasri Adab – Ek Intihaab
Editor: Ashar Najmi
Published by: Esbaat Publications, B/202, Universe Darshan, Pooja Nagar Road, Naya Nagar, Mira Road (East), Dist. Thane- 401107. Maharashtra, India.
Pages: 1512
Translation is the window through which we can view the outside world. Also, we can say that it is the bridge connecting people to understand each other’s lifestyle, culture and civilization and to be aware of their current affairs. The book under review titled Aalami Nasri Adab: Ek Inti?haab (The World Prose Literature: a selection) is the work of translation published by Esbaat Publications, Thane, Maharashtra.
Spreading over more than 1500 pages in three volumes, this compilation contains prose literature translated from 72 languages of 85 countries of seven continents into Urdu. It has fiction, drama, harlequinade (chup-swaang), essay, memoir and…

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