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Mongolia flood defence project shows the way for urban adaptation

Sponsored content: The project incorporates infrastructural upgrades with the formation of community action groups to improve the capital’s flood resilience

As cities expand and climate change impacts worsen, urban adaptation is crucial.

By 2050, around 68% of the world’s population is projected to live in urban areas, while over 1.6 billion people in 970 cities will face regular heatwaves and summer temperatures surpassing 35°C.

While adaptation efforts have historically focused on rural areas, a project in Mongolia, which incorporates a wide range of initiatives and aims to build the resilience of high-risk communities, is directly confronting the burden of urban climate impacts.

The country has seen warming of over 2°C since recordings started in 1940 and now experiences climate related hazards such as extreme rainfall, strong winds, and snowstorms, which are only intensifying.

Most vulnerable to these changes are traditional…

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