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Preserving Mongolia’s Ovoos – The Diplomat

Since its democratization, Mongolia has been modernizing its methods to preserve traditional ways of life without diminishing economic development. Historically, the long-standing nomadic lifestyle has fostered a strong connection between nature and people in Mongolia. The construction of an ovoo, a Mongolian term for a cairn, is among the many cultural phenomena that are celebrated at both the state and public levels. Yet in the mining era, cultural sites such as ovoos face greater threats, raising the need for environmental care.

An ovoo is a pile of stones, dirt, and tree branches laden with people’s gifts and offerings to connect with the land’s spirit. Throughout Mongolia’s history, ovoos were used as landmarks, border crossing points, meeting locations, and assembly places. Similar practice are widely known around the world. For example, Scandinavian countries, including Norway, Scotland, and some areas of the United…

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