Saturday, June 25, 2022
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Visa-free tourists being allowed back to Jeju, Yangyang

The domestic terminal of Gimpo International Airport in Seoul bustles with passengers on Wednesday ahead of Children’s Day. [YONHAP]

As the pandemic winds down, Korea is restoring a visa-free entry system for tourists to Jeju and Yangyang next month.
Interior and safety minister Jeon Hae-cheol announced in a virus-response meeting Wednesday that the government will allow foreign travelers to come to Jeju and Yangyang without visas.
Under the visa-free program, tourists must stay on Jeju or, if they fly into Yangyang, are restricted to Gangwon and the Seoul metropolitan area.
“The government will take measures to revitalize the local economy in line with the return to normalcy,” Jeon said. “By streamlining the entry procedure, we…

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