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Hamburger history: How it became an American staple and 5 places to go

(CNN) — Whether you’re in the heartland of the United States or halfway across the world, when you crave an American meal, you’re probably sinking your teeth into a hamburger.

While most Americans can’t remember a time without them, hamburgers only started to become widely popular in the United States roughly a century ago.

Few burger restaurants from that era continue to serve burgers made with meat ground fresh daily. Fewer still also serve those burgers the way they were made back in the day.

George Motz, a burger scholar of sorts, has dedicated more than 20 years of his life to traveling across the United States researching hamburgers. After producing, shooting, editing and directing his 2004 documentary film “Hamburger America,” Motz went on to publish a state-by-state burger guide, and later his first cookbook, “The Great American Burger Book,” in 2016.

Most recently, he hosts Burger Scholar Sessions on Complex Media’s “First We…

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