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COVID-19 travel restrictions: Taiwan – Kiwi.com

This article has been written on the April 6, 2022 and contains accurate information. However, we highly recommend you check the latest travel requirements before you book a trip since covid regulations are constantly updating.

Can I enter Taiwan?

As of February 2022, Taiwan has some of the world’s strictest COVID-19 restrictions for foreign visitors. 

International travelers can only enter Taiwan provided they have one of the following:

  • ARC/APRC/Gold Card
  • Close family in the country
  • Student visa

Please note that all the information about the documents presented below refers to you only if your reasons to travel are on the list above.

The exterior of the iconic Amei Tea House — Shutterstock

Travel documents if I am vaccinated

  • A vaccination certificate
  • A negative PCR test result obtained within 48 hours before entering Taiwan
  • A completed Quarantine System for Entry 

Please be aware that starting from December 2021, the declared 48 hours are…

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