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COVID-19 travel restrictions: New Zealand –

This article has been written on the March 18, 2022 and contains accurate information. However, we highly recommend you check the latest travel requirements before you book a trip since covid regulations are constantly updating.

Can I enter New Zealand?

As of January 2022, New Zealand has some of the strictest COVID-19 restrictions for traveling in the world. Only citizens and holders of residential visas can enter and leave New Zealand.

However, New Zealand is reopening its borders in the foreseeable future. Please scroll to the “Who cannot enter New Zealand?” section to see what countries New Zealand is to be open to.

Currently, you can only travel to New Zealand for a critical purpose — Shutterstock

Currently, if you are not a citizen of New Zealand, you have to fall under critical purposes to travel:

  • Partners and dependent children of temporary visa holders who are teachers
  • Partners and dependent children of temporary visa holders 
  • Read more…

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