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COVID-19 travel restrictions: China –

This article has been written on the March 22, 2022 and contains accurate information. However, we highly recommend you check the latest travel requirements before you book a trip since covid regulations are constantly updating.

Can I enter China?

As of February 2022, foreign travelers can enter China provided they have an approved visa. Due to COVID-19, visa availability has been limited, and tourism is not listed as a permitted purpose to travel to China.

At present, it is possible to get a visa under the following circumstances: 

  • Visiting family members who have permanent residence in China
  • Foreign crew members of aircraft, trains and ships; motor vehicle drivers engaged in cross-border transport activities
  • Highly qualified staff that are urgently needed in China
  • Diplomats, government officials

Please note that all the COVID-19 regulations presented below apply to you if you have a visa.

All foreigners are obliged to quarantine upon arrival in…

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