Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Undertourism Is Also Bad For Our Planet: Here’s How You Can Help

Having the freedom and funds to travel is undoubtedly a privilege. As tragedies of all kinds unfold around the world, some due to climate change, it’s incumbent upon those lucky enough to travel to ensure trips are beneficial – especially considering tourism causes approximately eight percent of the world’s carbon emissions. One way of doing this is to visit places experiencing undertourism.

“Undertourism describes places in need of more tourists, as opposed to overtourism which describes destinations with too many tourists,” explains Georgina Davies from The Travel Foundation, a UK charity working to unlock the positive aspects of tourism. “Overtourism can lead to damage to ecosystems, cultural wonders and community life, whereas undertourism leads to a lack of opportunity: for jobs and livelihoods, the protection or restoration of nature and the development of infrastructure.”

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