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COVID-19 travel restrictions: Turkey –

This article has been written on the February 21, 2022 and contains accurate information. However, we highly recommend you check the latest travel requirements before you book a trip since covid regulations are constantly updating.

Can I enter Turkey?

Turkey is open for travel to most countries of the world. Nevertheless, please note that several COVID-19 restrictions are in place now.

When traveling to Turkey, the first thing you have to do is complete a Traveler Entry Form. The next steps vary depending on your departure country and vaccination status.

Wear your mask indoors and keep social distance — Shutterstock

Can I enter Turkey if I am vaccinated?

You can enter Turkey if you are vaccinated. You are considered fully vaccinated at least 14 days after administration of the second dose for vaccines with a two-dose schedule; or at least 21 days after administration of the vaccine with a single dose schedule.

As of January 2022, the following…

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