Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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On Famed Riviera Nayarit, Tourism Edges Out Community

SAYULITA, MEXICO — At sunset, the children of Sayulita go to the central plaza to skate. Amid the colorful houses, restaurants and souvenir shops, swerving through laughing tourists, the skaters try to stake their ground. They practice tricks and play on the pavement of this small town on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

But in the midst of the recreational opportunities for adults and tourists, there is little space left for the children of Sayulita to play.

Community members say that tourism has fomented a process of urbanization and development that focuses on spaces and services for tourists — and neglects community, recreational and educational spaces for residents.

Abraham, 12, says the police often try to scare them out of the plaza, where skateboards are prohibited, or take their equipment. He has managed to get away. “But I also don’t think it’s good to run away from the police,” he says. (This article doesn’t include…

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