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Dating The Eagle Hunters Of Mongolia

“My deepest gratitude to the people of Mongolia. I carry back wonderful memories of your nation, a land that is our spiritual neighbour” – this was how Prime Minister Narendra Modi described his visit to Mongolia in the year 2015.

Indeed Mongolia’s deep-rooted spiritual treasures – monasteries, cold deserts, Eagle hunters, and their nomadic lifestyle have become a topic of discussion for the new age traveler on the lookout for “bucket list” tourist destinations.

Ever since that historic tour of Prime Minister Modi, there has been a perceptible increase in the number of Indian tourists traveling to Mongolia. What attracts travelers to this nation of extremes is the possibility of living like a true nomad. Imagine yourself dressed in animal skin to ward of the frozen temperatures with the medieval Eagle hunters as company? In the 21st century, where on earth will you find this dramatic setting?

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