Sunday, August 7, 2022
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DEVITA Global joins hands with Bodi Insurance Group, Mongolia’s premier insurance provider, to advance a decentralized health data sharing economy.

This agreement comes at a time when the global health insurance sector faces a major data management crisis, which has only accentuated higher demand for high-quality, auditable, and reliable health data. After all, data is the lifeline of healthcare today, with reliable and censorship-resistant exchanges crucial to quality and efficiency.

DEVITA’s decentralized health data sharing economy enables Data Owners to profit from providing their personal health information to the Decentralized Health Database or through the sale of their data on the DEVITA Marketplace to Data Users who require the acquisition of untampered health data collected through reliable means. Data is directly sourced from the patients and securely recorded to an immutable and interconnected decentralized ledger, made available on a permission basis to Data Users for research, market analysis, or in the case of insurance companies, specifically, Bodi Insurance, to gain…

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