Saturday, June 25, 2022
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Over 120 Child Remains Found in Jars in Inner Mongolia

In the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, in northern China, archaeologists have unearthed tombs with urn burials – of 128 children! The remains of these 128 children have been found near the ruins of an ancient city in Liangcheng County, Ulanqab, which date to the Han Dynasty (202 BC – 220 AD), as per a statement by the regional cultural relics and archaeology research institute, reports Chinese news agency, Xinhua. This is the first time so many tiled coffins have been found in the county.

Urn Burials – A Need of the Hour

The excavation team unearthed the tombs along with coins, pottery, and tiles that were part of an ancient funerary practice. During this period of the Han Dynasty, the bodies of children were not cremated, and the continued practice of burial with grave goods was still in use since the Neolithic period (from 5,000 BC onwards). Interestingly this would continue till the end of the Ming dynasty, 1644 AD. With…

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