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CU exports 10,000 dalgona to Mongolia and Malaysia

CU’s dalgona products come in four different shapes — three from “Squid Game” and a new addition, a heart. (CU)

Convenience store chain CU is exporting 10,000 dalgona, the traditional Korean sugar candy from “Squid Game,” to Mongolia and Malaysia, said its operator BGF Retail.

Dalgona, an old-fashioned Korean candy made using sugar and baking soda, has become an overnight sensation after the success of the Netflix show.

A total of 10,000 dalgona will be shipped to Mongolia and Malaysia, 5,000 to each country, BGF said. The product will feature four different shapes — umbrella, star, heart and triangle — and will be sold for $2 each.

The export comes at the request of local partner companies who want to target local customers who find it hard to make dalgona on their own, BGF added.

CU has also been exporting assorted “Pepero Day” edition products to Malaysia since September.

Pepero Day, which is celebrated on Nov. 11 for…

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