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Korea plants green dreams in Mongolia

Arid, rocky desert stretching out across the horizon with no end in sight, with heavy sandstorms carving out dry steppe land from time to time. 

This may be what you would normally imagine when you think of Mongolia, home to Asia’s largest and coldest desert — Gobi Desert.

In a country where forests only cover less than 10 percent of the total land, afforestation is innately difficult — it has a very short growing season that is restricted by cold temperatures and low precipitation.


By 2005, 78 percent of land in Mongolia had undergone desertification. To tackle the issue, the Mongolian government devised a plan to form a greenbelt over 202,000 hectares of land to not only combat drought but climate change, natural disasters and environmental pollution. 

After spending a decade planting trees in Mongolian cities including Lun, Dalanzadgad and Bayanzag, some 3,000 hectares of deserted land have turned into unpolluted, lush…

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