Sunday, August 7, 2022
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The Italian Opera Craze in East Asia

It often happens when Italian tourists abroad need an interpreter or guide to move around, usually in those countries without much of a settled Italian community. Especially in Asia, these tourists often find students who study arts — and often those who study Italian opera — to be their tourist guides and translators.

Thus, amazingly, Italian tourists find themselves learning more about their own culture from those young Asians or Russians than they had expected. Faced with such enthusiasm, they see with their own eyes the importance of Italian cultural products within the context of other cultures. And they see just how much it means to local opera enthusiasts to hear a native Italian talk to them in the language of classical music.

The phenomenal boom of Italian opera in east Asia over the last couple of decades makes us ponder upon the question: why is Italian opera so appreciated abroad? What makes it so…

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