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ACL lineup 2021 weekend 1: The Hu band

File this one under noise you didn’t think you needed. The seven-piece Mongolian band the Hu plays its guitars with bows and man buns, with backing “whoa” chants and punishing drums. On Saturday at the Tito’s stage, they offer layered, loud rock epics built on classical Mongolian instrumentation.

It’s music built on tradition with an eye on the past: They call it “hunnu rock,” a nod to an ancient Turkish and Mongolian empire. 

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Here’s where I summarize the band’s Wikipedia bio: The guttural vocals that recall AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” are part of a style known as regional throat singing. The band’s instrumentation includes the Morin khuur (a bowed fiddle) and the Tovshuur (a two-stringed lute).

What’s left is emotive, bass-driven rock.

Mongolia's the Hu perform Saturday, Oct. 2, 2021, during the second day of Austin City Limits Music Festival.

It’s easy to miss the Tito’s tent — at ACL this stage is where soul stars come to flame out with familiar legacy sets….

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