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REAL ESTATE – Ignace Meuwissen discovers new buyer’s market for luxury real estate in Mongolia and surrounding countries

The first series of Object X consists of five episodes in which the viewer is presented with as many unique real estate projects. In France, we are introduced to the wine estate Village Castigno near Béziers, which was developed by the Flemish entrepreneur Marc Verstraeten and his wife into a unique combination of real estate, luxury and gastronomy. In Italy we land on Isola Santa Cristina, a lagoon of unparalleled beauty off the Venetian coast, currently owned by the Swarovski family. In Laren we are introduced to the most extravagant and best secured villa in the Netherlands. To end in Kapellen, Belgium, where a Chinese millionaire wants to build an exclusive palace for his prize-winning pigeons.

The ‘Object X’ series is currently sold in 7 countries and is broadcasted in English, Dutch and Mongolian. The series were also programmed on the website of ‘De Rijkste Belgen’. For Meuwissen it was an opening to the Mongolian market, which…

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