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Inner Mongolia-based Tour Guide Describes the Ultimate Trip –

Wanderlust is a regular series where we speak with a notable individual from the travel industry.

My first impression of Pang Xinhua, who also goes by Mary, was in Hohhot back in 2018. With a contagious personality and passion for Inner Mongolia and its beautiful nature, she showed a group of us what the region was all about. 

From bonfires on the grasslands to drunken singing in Mongolian garbs, it was a hell of a time, and her role as a tour guide was paramount to the experience. Below, we catch up with Pang to learn what Inner Mongolia tourism has to offer and how she handles the difficult duty.

Pang Xinhua

What made you want to be a tour guide?
I studied tourism management when I was in university. I thought a tour guide would make for a very cool job – I can travel to many different places for free and meet various people. After I became a guide, I realized that this job is not easy by any means. 

The bigger the group, the…

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