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Mongolian culture vs communism | MercatorNet

One of the most extreme examples of cancel culture in history was the scrubbing of Genghis Khan’s memory in Mongolia under the Soviets. Genghis Khan was the founder of the Mongolian empire and ultimately the Mongolian nation, but his image and his name were suppressed during the 70 years that Mongolia was a Soviet satellite.

The most important holiday in the Mongolian calendar is the Naadam Festival, a unique annual celebration of Mongolian unity and the birth of the nation, held in mid-July.

The Naadam games consist of the “three sports of men”, archery, and horse racing and the highlight, wrestling. These sports mimic the warrior skills which made Genghis Khan’s army so dominant 800 years ago. The games were first celebrated in 1206 at his behest.

The empire built by Genghis Khan expanded until it became one of the largest land empires in history. It then declined and eventually fell under the rule of the Qing dynasty…

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