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Southern Mongolia, the Unknown Cultural Genocide

An interview with Enghebatu Togochog on how the CCP tries to destroy Mongolian identity in what it calls Inner Mongolia.

by Massimo Introvigne

Enghebatu Togochog is the director of Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center (SMHRIC). Bitter Winter discussed human rights abuses and the eradication of Mongolian culture by the CCP in Inner Mongolia (that Mongols prefer to call “Southern Mongolia”) in an article published in June.  From his office in New York, Mr. Togochog helps us to further explore the issue.

What is your personal story? How did you end up in New York?

I was born in Southern Mongolia, also known as “Inner Mongolia,” which is a direct translation of the highly Sino-centric Chinese term “Nei Meng Gu.” I was educated in Mongolian, and graduated from the Department of Mongolian Language and Literatures at the University of Inner (Southern) Mongolia in 1994. After four years of work, I went to Japan to study…

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