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Mongolia is an ancient country filled with a rich tradition and beautiful, friendly people.  There are many things to see and do in Mongolia, a place where cultural identity has not changed for hundreds of years.  While Mongolia is modernizing in many respects, it has retained its ancient traditions and practices and is a place where one can step back in time .

Over many thousands of years Mongolians have gained the reputation of being fierce warriors and resilient opponents.  What people don’t know is that along with war, Mongolians have a keenly developed sense of art.  Their tribal dwellings in themselves are some of the most ornate of any nomadic society, being adorned with decorations and of a rather complex but ingeniously simple framework.  Like the people themselves, perhaps their most well-recognized form of art has two distinct parts. Khoomii vocalism is known as treble and bass at the same time.  It is also know as diphonic singing, and is quite beautiful and original.  While there are other cultures that sing diphonically, Mongolians have developed special versions using special ceremonial instruments that create an almost magical symphony of sounds, unbelievably coming from only one or two musicians.  Mongolians are vaunted throat singers, and while numbers have dwindled, there are organizations in Mongolia keeping the ancient traditions alive.  Indeed these groups travel the world spreading Mongolian music throughout the world.  These musical disciplines require years of training to master, and most students traditionally begin before age five, but recently University students have taken up the task, and some have become capable performers. The Mongolian folk instruments require knowledge and practice to play, the morin khuur si the most famous among them and is a two-stringed instrument that is played with a bow much like a violin.

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