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Folk dance summer concerts are held at the National Theatre of drama and this event is one of the biggest in Mongolia.  Also popular in Mongolia is the Manly Festival of Naadam in which wrestling is the main event.  This particular Mongolian type of wrestling that has existed for over seven thousand years making it one of the oldest martial arts in the world.  It is similar to many other ancient wrestling forms in that both competitors stand and the goal is to throw the other to the ground, forcing them to touch an elbow or a knee to the ground.  Rules are few and far between, with no age limits or weight regulations.  The competitors are good-natured though, as losing honorably brings no shame to any contestant.  The overall tournament victor is named the Titan and forever has his place in Mongolian history as a hero and a great champion.

Movement in Mongolia domestically can be difficult in more remote areas, but South Gobali has frequent fights between Urugi and Moron.  Summer special flights are also in service. Winter time travel may be by seasonal arrangement as some parts of the country are practically inaccessible during certain times of the year.

Railways are the most common and reliable way to travel to Mongolia. Chinese railways go from Moscow to Ulaanbaatar.  There is also a railway from Darkhan to Erdenet.  Arrangements can be made to register travel options to the sources of these travel routes with many major carriers. Long Distance Bus travel is a common method of getting from one place to another.  There are coaches in each region, which are very crowded and used by citizens.  A guide is recommended for use of these bus routes as they change seasonally.  When tourists go to the suburbs, it is best to arrange a tour company with a car and driver.  In some cases, there aren’t any filing bankruptcy roads in the plains, so driving by yourself is risky and not suggested.  Travel by taxi is recommended whenever possible.  In Ulaanbaatar city the registered Pocket Hole Jigtransportation cars will say “TAXI,” but here are some taxis that display only Mongolian so they might be hard to identify and they may not be safe for tourists.

If you go to Bankruptcy Questions other cities or suburbs of Mongolia, please go to the hotel you are staying in to arrange transport US dui laws with a  tourism company.  Traffic laws in Mongolia are hard to follow.

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