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Using public transport is always cheaper than using the “private” one. And by private I mean personal vehicles. Not many people nowadays can afford to have their own cars and travel by them simply because the prices of diesel and gasoline are too high. Anyway there are always some pretty good alternatives and one of them is the public transport in Poland. It is really highly developed and you don’t have to worry if you miss a train or a bus simply because the next one will come after an hour or so.

Last year I went to Poland by train. The whole trip was just fine and the train was pretty comfortable. My plan was to go sightseeing in Krakow but I didn’t know where the central station was and this is why I decided to ask on internet the same question as you. Well, the people were kind enough to explain me everything and give me directions to all the places I needed to know. By the way by the time I arrived there was some work going on the central station and this is why I needed to know if everything was OK. Because if it wasn’t my train would not arrive there on time or at all and all my plans will fail. At least now you don’t have to worry about this. I mean you will know that everything will go smoothly. As a matter of fact the trains in Poland are really accurate and they arrive always on time.

By the way if you are already in Krakow and have nowhere to stay I would tell you to avoid hotels. When I was there the prices were extremely high compared to the amenities the rooms were offering. This is why I decided that it is better not to give all my money on a single room and started looking for some alternatives as well. It didn’t take me long to find that most of the tourists in Krakow prefer to find accommodation in Krakow. When I saw the prices list for one night I was quite amazed – it was really cheap. I’ve been in other big cities and most of the times I have rented serviced apartments Paris and holiday apartment Barcelona but the prices were considerably higher. This is why when I found out that Krakow apartments were so cheap I immediately rented one.

In fact there are plenty of nice apartments situated near the train station which is quite comfortable having in mind the fact that you don’t own a personal vehicle. This will definitely save you some time and money. Plus there is a bus stop near the station and the buses stop there every 2-3 minutes going on various directions in the city. Anyway, if you want to stay in a hotel – it is up to you – I just gave you my personal opinion. And as for the train station – don’t worry everything is working just fine and I’m sure that you will not have any problems. eing or try something local” is available in dining shops and cafes.

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